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  1. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 73k times. 41. I want to have the day of week in the variable DOW. So I use the following bash-script: DOM=$ (date +%d) DOW= ($ ($DOM % 7) ) | sed 's/^0*//'. Unfortunately there I get this error: bash: 09: command not found. The expected result is 2 ( 9 % 7 = 2) in the variable $DOW
  2. Getting the current date and time in Linux shell script You can format and display date using the following syntax: date + 'FORMAT' ### mm/dd/yyyy ### date + '%m/%d/%Y' ## Time in 12 hr format ### date + '%r' ## backup dir format ## backup_dir =$ ( date + '%m/%d/%Y' ) echo Backup dir for today: /nas04/backups/ ${backup_dir}
  3. #!/bin/bash # obtain the date and time date_stamp=$(date +%F-%H-%M-%S) # make a directory with that name mkdir $date_stamp # copy the files from the current folder into it cp *.txt $date_stamp # all done, report back and exit echo Text files copied to directory: $date_stam
  4. Related: Getting Yesterdays or Tomorrows Day With Bash Shell Date Command and How To Format Date For Display or Use In a Shell Script for more information. Subtracting days to date command. Simply try: date -d YYYY-MM-DD-N days date -d 2020-08-15-5 days Monday 10 August 2020 12:00:00 AM IST Add X days to date and get new date on macOS or BS
  5. Below code gives you date one day lesser. ONE=1 dataset_date=`date` TODAY=`date -d $dataset_date - $ONE days +%d-%b-%G` echo $TODA
  6. e any given day. The first day of month M in year Y would be M/01/Y Getting the last day of the month, your best bet is to add 1 to the number of the month you were given, then deduct one day in the date
  7. Or if you want the current date, use date +%Y/%m/%d. If you want them separately you can do something like this: read YYYY MM DD <<<$ (date +'%Y %m %d') echo Today is Day:$DD Month:$MM. An easier approach is: DD=$ (date +%d) MM=$ (date +%m) echo Today is Day:$DD Month:$MM

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  1. Getting Yesterday's or Tomorrow's Day With Bash Shell Date Command. W hen invoked without arguments, the date command displays the current date and time. Depending on the options specified, the date would set the date and time or print it in a user-defined format
  2. If you consider using a Bash script and have Python available, you could use this code: #!/bin/bash python -c 'from time import time; print int(round(time() * 1000))' Shar
  3. Bash uses ` date ` command to display or change the current date and time value of the system. Date and time value can be printed in different formats by using this command. This command can also be used for calculating date and time value related tasks. `date` command without any option just prints the current system's date and time value

You can get the full list of supported date format specifiers using the man date or man gdate commands. How to add a day to a date in shell? To get the date in bash shell and add a date, you can use the GNU date command as date -d 'Feb 12 +1 day' +%F which will output 2020-02-13. See the above section on GNU date for more examples on the -d option Bash Date Format MM-DD-YYYY. To format date in MM-DD-YYYY format, use the command date +%m-%d-%Y. Bash Script #!/bin/bash d=`date +%m-%d-%Y` echo $d # 12-30-2017. Output. 11-20-2020. Please observe the upper and lower case letters : %m for month, %d for day and %Y for year. %M would mean minutes. Bash Date Format MM-YYY The -d basically prints a date in the future or the past. So, you can use next Monday or last Friday. Using the same command you can find out which day of the week your birthday or Christmas falls upon. date -d 12/25/201 You can use the date command to set or get the current system date and time. You can display the current time/date in the given FORMAT. The FORMAT controls the output. The FORMAT is as follows to get the current year

Print the date of the day three months and one day hence: $ date --date='3 months 1 day' Print the day of year of Christmas in the current year: $ date --date='25 Dec' +%j Print the current full month name and the day of the month: $ date '+%B %d' Note that the '%d' expands to a zero-padded two-digit field, for example Here is an example of Get the current day: Whilst working on a variety of Bash scripts in your data analytics infrastructure, you find that you often need to get the current day of the week Nothing fancy but then I came across an interesting issue, which is how to get number of days in a month. I got interested and started playing with shell commands, namely cal and awk utilities. Solution is very simple as to get number of days for current month (March 2013) you need to execute commands Here's a quick and easy way to establish what the date will be in a specific number of days from today using the bash shell on Linux. Simply use the '-d' option to the 'date' command. Here's the current timestamp: -bash-3.2$ date Thu Jan 17 15:04:28 GMT 2013 And this will be the date 60 [ date command is used to display the system date and time. date command is also used to set date and time of the system.By default the date command displays the date in the time zone on which unix/linux operating system is configured.You must be the super-user (root) to change the date and time

Get current day on Julian date format. FYI: I'm using GIT BASH terminal. sample code: export DT=$(date --date='6 days... (2 Replies) Discussion started by: Rocky975583. 2 Replies. 2. UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers. Replace date in file every day with current date bash$ date Fri Mar 29 21:07:39 MST 2002 bash$ date -u Sat Mar 30 04:07:42 UTC 2002 This option facilitates calculating the time between different dates. Example 16-11 Hello All, I need a bash shell script to find out a day from the date.For example we give the date(20100227/YYYYMMDD) then we get the day 'Saturday'. Thanks in advance, Satheesh (5 Replies) Discussion started by: satheesh409 How do I create log filename with day of the week in it under Linux or Unix operating systems? You can use the date command to display current date and time. You can format a date provide a string beginning with + to get day of the week as follows: $ date +%A Where, +%A - Get weekday in full format i.e. as Tuesda I Have text like XXX_20190908.csv.gz need to replace Only date in this format with current date every day Thanks! (1 Reply) Discussion started by: yamasani1991. 1 Replies. 2. Shell Programming and Scripting. Need to minus one day from a date given

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When writing shell scripts, many times you would want to get the current time and date, that is the date and time when the script is getting executed. This value can be saved to a variable and used through out the script for various different purposes. You can use them to generate informative file names or even other variables. You can.. I am trying to create a bash shell script and as my requirement i need to subtract some days from current date and compare it to another date which is i am getting into last command. But i am not getting any logic and a way to do it with in bash shell script. How can i implement it Jan - 31 days Feb - 28 days / 29 days (leap year) Mar - 31 days Apr - 30 days May - 31 days Jun - 30 days Jul - 31 days Aug - 31 days Sep - 30 days Oct - 31 days Nov - 30 days Dec - 31 days. How can I get bash to return the value (last day of every month) for the current year without using if else or switch or while loops

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Calculating age in days and month in a bash script. I could use some help. I'm working in a bash script and need help with calculating an individual's age in years and months. Calculating the years was simple but months are proving to be a challenge. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help 43 man bash 44 man fc 45 man bash 46 fc -l -10 47 history 48 ls -a 49 vim .bash_history 50 history 51 man history 52 history 10 53 history It also prints the history number for each command. Each command is associated with a number for easy reference. You will see why this is useful in a moment Current Date: Thu Aug 24 22:21:30 WITA 2017 Day : 24 Month : 8 Year : 2017 Day of Week : 5 Day of Month: 24 Day of Year : 236 You might also want to try to use the Joda Time library for this. Here another example for getting information about date and time using Joda: How do I get date / time fields of date in Joda? First day of month is always the first, so it is easy: [code]$ date -d month ago +%Y/%m/01 2016/03/01 [/code]There is not much to explain, you just take the day. bash$ touch .hidden-file bash$ ls -l total 10 -rw-r--r-- 1 bozo 4034 Jul 18 22:04 data1.addressbook -rw-r--r-- 1 bozo 4602 May 25 13:58 data1.addressbook.bak -rw-r--r-- 1 bozo 877 Dec 17 2000 employment.addressbook bash$ ls -al total 14 drwxrwxr-x 2 bozo bozo 1024 Aug 29 20:54 ./ drwx----- 52 bozo bozo 3072 Aug 29 20:51./ -rw-r--r-- 1 bozo bozo 4034 Jul 18 22:04 data1.addressbook -rw-r--r.

You might want to dive into Bash Parameter Expansion and Brace Expansion, e. g. 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 in your code can be shortened to {9..0} and you might as well replace the whole for loop with touch file{9..0}. - dessert Sep 4 '17 at 11:0 We all are familiar with History command. It stores/keeps all the commands executed by bash in terminal into .bash_history file, which will help us to recheck the previously executed commands by user for further investigation.. By default history command shows only the commands executed by users and it doesn't print the date and time but it logs the time when you ran a command Bash shell performs the expansion by executing command and replacing the command substitution with the standard output of the command, #!/bin/bash # Shell script to display current date, Shell Script to ask user his / her name and then display it with a G'Day/Good morning message We can get current year month day like below apache apt bash centos cpu database directory disk dns fedora file file system find firefox ftp grep html http https ip linux list log mysql network nmap ntfs password php process programming python regex regular expression security shell ssh ssl string tcp ubuntu udp user variable vim

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The current millis story started with me debugging my Android application. In Android you tell an alarm when to come up by passing a simple number. This number has to be so large that it can encompass all the time passed since midnight January 1st, 1970 but sufficiently small that it can fit into existing data structures and keep going enough time in the future Read the program comments to get idea about program logic. #!/bin/bash # Shell program to find the validity of a given date month and year dd = 0 mm = 0 yy = 0 # store number of days in a month days = 0 # get day, month and year echo-n Enter day (dd) : read dd echo-n Enter. Python is a versatile programming language used to develop desktop and web applications. It allows you to work on complex projects. Learn how to get current date and time in the python script with multiple options

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You can write the output of any command to a file: date +Year: %Y, Month: %m, Day: %d > file.txt. The output of the date command will be written to the file.. Writing to a File using the tee Command #. The tee command reads from the standard input and writes to both standard output and one or more files simultaneously.. echo this is a line | tee file.tx Summary: Learn how to display only the current year. How can I use Windows PowerShell to display only the current year? get-date -Format yyyy get-date -format yy get-date -f yyyy (Get-Date).year Get-Date -UFormat %Y Get-Date -UFormat bash or Bourne Again shell: the standard GNU shell, intuitive and flexible. Probably most advisable for beginning users while being at the same time a powerful tool for the advanced and professional user. On Linux, bash is the standard shell for common users Another Bash history enhancement you might like: HSTR Makes Searching Your Bash Or Zsh Command History Easy Set the Bash history to show a timestamp for your command history (for the current terminal session only) by using this command: HISTTIMEFORMAT=%F %T Today's Date: 2019-02-16 Date: 2005-07-14 Day: 14 Month: 7 Year: 2005 ISO Week Day: 4 DateTime Objects A datetime object is a single object containing all the information from a date object and a time object

Hàm bash này sẽ hoạt động trên cả Linux và OSX. Về cơ bản, nó thử kiểu GNU Linux trước. Nếu thất bại, nó sẽ thử kiểu OSX. Gọi nó với một đối số về số ngày trong quá khứ bạn muốn ngày. Nếu bạn vượt qua không có đối số, nó giả sử 0 ngày I have a complete date plus hours and minutes. I would like to add a number of seconds and display the result as a date day.month.year hour:minute. date doesn't seem to be able to add seconds. Get a Date. The required format parameter of the date() function specifies how to format the date (or time). Here are some characters that are commonly used for dates: d - Represents the day of the month (01 to 31) m - Represents a month (01 to 12) Y - Represents a year (in four digits) l (lowercase 'L') - Represents the day of the wee

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#!/bin/bash # Shell script to display current date, calendar, and the number of # user logged Working with the date can be particularly helpful when writing Bash scripts, for example, $ echo Today is $(date) will output Today is Tue Dec 6 2016 15:53:41 2016. Or easily create backups of files by appending the date, for example, $ cp foo.txt foo.txt.$(date +%F) to add today's date You'll notice in the syntax that there is a suffix; the suffix is used to specify the unit of time whether it be s (seconds), m (minutes), or d (days). The default unit of time is seconds unless specified. Syntax: sleep number [suffix] Common options: n/a. How to create your own custom Bash commands. Custom commands in Bash are known as aliases

#!/bin/bash # Get current year YEAR=$(date +%Y) # A year divisible by 4 is a leap year only when: OR the year's NOT divisible by 100 # OR IS divisible by 400. # Implemented according to most efficient short circuit evaluation. if $(( (YEAR % 4) == 0 )) &then echo $YEAR is a leap year. els I want to write a bash script to do backup a folder under format YYYYMMDD. This script will be run today but it will do a backup of yesrday folder. For example here are the list of folder 20080306 20080307 20080308 I use command CURRENT_DAY=`date '+20%y%m%d'` the output is 20080308 but I want to do a backup on 20080307 Commands in a pipeline are executed in subshells unless the lastpipe shopt is enabled. If lastpipe is enabled, the command on the far-right side is executed as a command belonging to the current shell. See Test lastpipe in Tests. Custom time format time output may be customized using the bash variable TIMEFORMAT. See Test time format in Tests #!/bin/bash read -p Enter your birth year. Example: 1900 : year read -p Enter your birht month. Example: 06 month yearnow=$(date '+%Y') monthnow=$(date '+%m') agey=$(($yearnow-$year)) agem=$(($monthnow-$month)) if [ $agem -lt 0 ] ; then agem=$(($monthnow-$month+12)) else agem=$(($monthnow-$month)) fi echo You are $agey years and $agem months old

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Bash break and continue. Loops allow you to run one or more commands multiple times until a certain condition is met. However, sometimes you may need to alter the flow of the loop and terminate the loop or only the current iteration. In Bash, break and continue statements allows you to control the loop execution In a Bash for loop, all statements between do and done are performed once for every item in a list or number range.; With a big list, use in {list} to loop between a start and end point. Use ellipsis to iterate a full number range, e.g., for number in {1..10}. To skip certain numbers, add a third number to the range. For example, use {0..100..10} to only list every 10th number

To get a little hang of the bash, let's try a few simple commands: echo: returns whatever you type at the shell prompt similar to Print in Python. date: displays the current time and date Bash can be used to perform some basic string manipulation. It is best to put these to use when the logic does not get overly complicated. In this post we will look at some useful and commmonly used string manipulation technques that should come in handy in our every day scripting tasks #!/bin/bash # Backs up all files in current directory modified within last 24 hours #+ in a tarball (tarred and gzipped file). BACKUPFILE=backup-$(date +%m-%d-%Y) # Embeds date in backup filename

Set the Bash history to show a timestamp for your command history (for the current terminal session only) by using this command: HISTTIMEFORMAT=%F %T . This command is only for this session, so you can see how it looks and optionally configure the date and time format (see below) This command works with lots of formats — you can specify a specific date like 2008-01-15, or a relative date such as 2 years 1 day 3 minutes ago. You can also filter the list to commits that match some search criteria When scripting in Bash, you inevitably have to print a date or time, and that date or time often needs [] Complete the Linux date command. No, it can't bring you a romantic evening. However, it can format the date at the top of a love letter you wrote in the terminal

You can do this in bash without let, using the form varname=value. For instance: myvar=5. Notice that there is no space before or after the equals sign. If you put a space before the =, bash assumes myvar is a command name. For instance: myvar = 5 myvar: command not found. Similarly, you get an error if you put a space after the equals sign: myvar= The -daystart option measures the time from the start of the current day instead of 24 hours ago. For example. to find out all pdf files edited yesterday, run: $ find /home/james/data/ -mtime 1 -daystart -iname *.pd echo $full_path. dir_path=$(dirname $full_path) echo $dir_path. $0 is the name of the current script as it was executed. So if we run the script as ./examples/shell/absolute.sh then that will be the content of $0 . realpath prints the abosulte path

Current Date and Time Examples. These examples are showing how to get current date and time that could be presented to the end-user Groups help define the permissions and access your Linux user account has to files, folders, settings, and more. Finding out the groups to which a user account belongs helps give you a better understanding of that user's access (and troubleshoot when things don't work right) Thanks xowl for such interesting answer . There is a correction here for LastDay of previous month: OUTPUT for date -d -$(date +%d) days -1 month(Lastday) will be the last day of previous to previous month Viewing the Total, Available and Used Disk Space. Bash contains two useful commands related to disk space. To find out the available and used disk space, use df (disk filesystems, sometimes called disk free). To discover what's taking up the used disk space, use du (disk usage).. Type df and press enter in a Bash terminal window to get started. You'll see a lot of output similar to the. The Current Epoch Unix Timestamp. 6: 24: 18. 1618795452. Seconds since Jan 01 1970. (UTC

#!/bin/bash # Write a shell script called hello which output the following: # + Your username # + The time and date # + Who is logged on # + also output a line of asterices (*****) after each section # function to display a line of asterices function line {echo *****} echo Your username : $(echo $USER) line # call function echo Current date and time : $(date) line echo Currently logged on users: who lin

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Printing that line number from all open tab url's gives you the current open tab. sed -n 3p file prints line 3 from file. Combining the commands with bash expansion results in the following It will probably be fewer at this point: history. . . . 43 man bash 44 man fc 45 man bash 46 fc -l -10 47 history 48 ls -a 49 vim .bash_history 50 history 51 man history 52 history 10 53 history. It also prints the history number for each command. Each command is associated with a number for easy reference The current system time is 8:11 A.M. (and 22 seconds). up 146 days, 34 min: The system has been up for 146 days and 34 minutes. 3 users: Three user sessions are active on the system. load average: 0.28, 0.45, 0.38: The average CPU load for the last 1, 5, and 15 minutes is 0.28, 0.45, and 0.38, respectively In this article, we will explain two, simple command line tips that enable you to only list all today's files.. One of the common problems Linux users encounter on the command line is locating files with a particular name, it can be much easier when you actually know the filename.. However, assuming that you have forgotten the name of a file that you created (in your home folder which.

So in the following example, I create a DateTime object that is 12 days in the past: PS C:> Get-Date. Friday, January 16, 2015 4:34:53 PM. PS C:> (Get-Date).adddays (-12) Sunday, January 4, 2015 4:35:12 PM The technique works exactly the same way for subtracting hours Linux command cut is used for text processing. You can use this command to extract portion of text from a file by selecting columns. This tutorial provides few practical examples of cut command that you can use in your day to day command line activities. For most of the example, we'll be using the followin

I presume you are aware of the wc command for counting number of lines.We can use the same wc command with ls command to count the number of files in a directory.. This task seems simple but could soon turn slightly complex based on your need and definition of counting files Bash shell provides different date commands along with different formatting options. We can use those commands to format Bash date to a required one. Bash Date Command. We can use the `date` command to display or change the current date and time value of the system. We can print date and time value in different formats by using date command

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1.1 What is Bash? Bash is the shell, or command language interpreter, for the GNU operating system. The name is an acronym for the 'Bourne-Again SHell', a pun on Stephen Bourne, the author of the direct ancestor of the current Unix shell sh, which appeared in the Seventh Edition Bell Labs Research version of Unix. Bash is largely compatible with sh and incorporates useful features from the. If you were to calculate true GMT today i would see it based on its original definition of 1 second = 1/86400 days and this would for sure return a different absolute value than what UTC gives us. From this point of view the name GMT seems deprecated, but kept around for backward compatibility, traditional timezone based representation of time and sometimes legal reasons Instead, bash shell checks the condition, and controls the flow of the program. In this article let us review the bash case command with 5 practical examples. The case construct in bash shell allows us to test strings against patterns that can contain wild card characters. Bash case statement is the simplest form of the bash if-then-else statement

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Get the current weather in Christchurch, New Zealand with colored output: bash bash-weather.sh -c NZ -t Christchurch -f Note: the terminal emulator must support 16 colors (e.g. xterm, GNOME Terminal, Konsole); displayed colors may vary in different terminal emulators and by custom profile settings compgen :compgen is bash built-in command and it will show all available commands for the user. 1) How to check user information using id command? The id command stands for identity. It prints real and effective user and group IDs. You can use the id command to print user and group information for the specified user, or for the current user I need to create a shell script that appends a timestamp to existing file. I mainly use Mac OS X for development. Wanted to create the same on Mac Terminal.. Here are some basics on date command This chapter will give you the basic understanding on how to process and manipulate dates and times in Perl. Current Date and Time. Let's start with localtime() function, which returns values for the current date and time if given no arguments. Following is the 9-element list returned by the localtime function while using in list context −. sec, # seconds of minutes from 0 to 61 min. On Julian calender, we see that December 7, 2013 is converted into day 341 in 2013 year. 5) Display 3 months calender. You can display calender in 3 month format. One for previous, current and next month. Use -3 parameter to do it. $ cal -

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I discovered the following tech-recipe while working on a some old dos batch files. This tutorial describes a simple .bat file used to create a folder based on the date in the MMDDYYYY format. This .bat file is useful for scripters who need to use the current date variable in the format MMDDYYYY. First, copy [ New-TimeSpan -End (Get-Date -Year 2010 -Month 1 -Day 1) Example 3: Get the date 90 days from the current date $90days = New-TimeSpan -Days 90 (Get-Date) + $90days. These commands return the date that is 90 days after the current date. Example 4: Discover the TimeSpan since a file was update Not all shells are Bash. The for keyword is built into the Bash shell. Many similar shells use the same keyword and syntax, but some shells, like tcsh, use a different keyword, like foreach, instead. In tcsh, the syntax is similar in spirit but more strict than Bash. In the following code sample, do not type the string foreach? in lines 2 and 3

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In order to facilitate finding the current local day, date and time, C++ has defined several functions in the header file, so functions which will help us in achieving our objective of finding local day, date and time are:. time(): It is used to find the current calendar time.; Its return type is time_t, which is an arithmetic data type capable of storing time returned by this function In our example, we're using April 15, so we have 15 days for the current month. January has 31 days, February has 28--unless this year is a leap year in which case it has 29. If this is a leap year, we caught it in our leap year check above. March has 31 days. Adding these up we get 15 + 31 + 28 + 31 = 105 days Git bash runs on top of the bash shell, which reads configuration from a .bashrc file located in your home directory (typically C:\Users\<UserName> and referred to as ~/ within bash) When bash writes to the history file, the oldest commands that go over this maximum number get deleted. HISTSIZE: Does the same as above, but controls the maximum lines of current session history to maintain in RAM

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