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  1. How to Share Wireless Over Ethernet on Windows 10. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next in 8
  2. Take the ethernet/lan cable and join the two systems. Go to the system which has the existing internet connection; Open Control Panel-Network and Sharing Center-Change Adapter's Setting; Go to the Network connection which has internet connectivity and right click-Properties; Go to Sharing; Check on both the check boxes and save by clicking o
  3. From the left side panel, click on Change adapter settings. Now press the Shift button and without releasing it, click on the Wifi adapter and then on the Ethernet adapter for which you want to share the network connection. Right click on any of the adapters and select the Bridge connection option

Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections > Right click on Wi-Fi > Sharing > Allow others to connect through That should work This video will show you how to share a Windows 10 computers internet signal though an ethernet cable to any device Open your Network Connectionsagain. Right-clickon the Wi-Fi network adapter entry, then select Properties. Select the Sharing tab. Check Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection to enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Share your Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi on Windows 10 PC Your Ethernet connection can be shared by following given below directions. IMPORTANT: To share your Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that your Windows 10 PC is connected to the internet with an Ethernet cable Go to Control Panel from the start menu and click on Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center

How to share Ethernet connection in Windows 10 Click on the Start menu from the far left-hand side of the taskbar. Click on the Settings gear icon from the Start menu's left side pane. From the Windows Settings screen, click on the Network & Internet button Here are 5 steps to share WiFi over Ethernet in Windows 10: Install Connectify Hotspot on your Windows 10 computer and purchase either Connectify Hotspot PRO or MAX here with a 70% discount! Run the program and click on the Wired Router button in the interface. Under 'Internet to Share' - select your wireless adapter - WiFi or 3G/4G Steps to Connect Two Windows 10/7 Computers with Ethernet Crossover Cable to Share Files Connect the two PCs with the Ethernet wire and be sure that two computers (which are connected by the cable) are of the same home group or work group. If the the groups of the two computers are different, then file sharing using Ethernet cable is not possible If you are a Windows 10 user and always connect to the internet through Wi-Fi, but want to connect to the Ethernet network as well when it is available then follow the steps given below. How to use Ethernet and WIFI together on Windows 10. While it can be done, we will have to give one network priority over others Before you begin. Before you start setting up a bridge connection on Windows 10, you will need at least two network adapters. One that is connected to the internet and a second adapter that will.

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Wired/Ethernet. First up, it's worth establishing that for standard Internet-sharing purposes, Internet Connection Sharing and Network bridging fulfill pretty much an identical function, with near-identical results when I tested the speeds of both connections. Just in case one doesn't work for you, here's how to do it using both methods Hi, I have a Windows 10 machine with a wireless internet connection. I also have a Yamaha network media player that only connects to a network over ethernet. Is it possible to connect my Windows machine's ethernet port to my network media player's ethernet port, and provide it with Internet We will be using Windows 7, but earlier versions are similar. Be sure Now you can connect an ethernet cable to your computers ethernet port and share internet to a second device. Note: To return normal ethernet port functionality to your computer, just repeat the. Navigate to TAP adapters settings Right-click the Wi-Fi or Wired connection icon on your Windows toolbar. If you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, go to the Wi-Fi tab. If you are connected via Ethernet cable, choose Ethernet

Bridging an internet connection on Windows 10, you will find that the primary network adapter connected to the host computer will be disconnected from the internet. To reconnect the internet, make sure to set up a static IP address on your computer manually In the Windows taskbar, open the computer's Network and Internet settings to verify the connection. This article explains how to set up USB tethering on Windows 10 devices, which allows you to create a hotspot to access the internet even when no network connection is available

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  1. Click Network & Internet, typically found on the menu. Click Mobile Hotspot menu. Switch on the PC hotspot connectivity by clicking the toggle button. Note your computer's SSID (Network name and Password) located directly below the toggle button. For easy identification, you may rename it by clicking the Edit button before proceeding to the next step
  2. istrators group to set up the Windows clients that will share the Internet connection. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network Connections.. Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.. Click the General tab, and then verify that Client for Microsoft Networks and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) are displayed and selected
  3. Turn your Windows 10 PC into a mobile hotspot by sharing your Internet connection with other devices over Wi-Fi. You can share a Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular data connection. If your PC has a cellular data connection and you share it, it will use data from your data plan

I want to share the wireless Internet connection on my desktop with my old laptop, through ethernet. I have ticked the option Make available to others on both connections, on my desktop, but my. A Windows computer equipped with an ethernet and wireless adapter is capable of becoming a virtual access point to share the Internet connection. Here are 10 freeware that allows you to easily achieve that in case if you do not have a router Go to on your Windows 10 PC: Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network and Sharing Settings In the left navigation column click on Change Adapter Settings which will take you to Network Connections. This next part is the important step: R.. Are you unable to share your PC's internet with other devices because the mobile # hotspot on # Windows 10 is grayed out? Read this article to learn how to fix and get the mobile # hotspot working.

If you can't afford a good router with VPN embedded (prices start at $100, not including the VPN subscription), then you can easily use your Windows laptop. Read below how to share VPN on LAN over ethernet in 5 minutes or less, without complicated Run as Administrator and cmd Windows steps If you want to use Windows 8 as a WiFi hotspot, then you have to set it up mostly via command line. Alternatively you could use a third party utility. If you are using Windows 10 then just use the built in WiFi hotspot settings which are located in the settings app in Network and Internet, Mobile hotspot

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So, if you want to use that internet connection on your iPhone but have no router to connect to the cable or no ethernet adapter, and your PC does not have mobile hotspot capabilities, what will you do? You can use your iPhone's cable to connect to the PC and share your PC's internet over the USB cable Previously, we showed you how to use Hyper-V, available in Windows 10 Pro only. here's how to set up a virtual machine with another copy of Windows. Share Your Network Connection with Hyper-V in. First, you need your Windows PC connected to a network either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Note that if you connect your PC to your network via Ethernet, you need a second Ethernet port in order to connect your VPN-incompatible device. You can buy an internet connection card to add a second port on your desktop PC

Windows lets you share your internet connection over ICS. ICS, or Internet Connection Sharing , is a feature built-in to Windows, so you don't have to download anything to use it. If the laptop is connected via a wire to a router or modem, you can share that connection to a phone or tablet over the Wi-Fi adapter or through another Ethernet port How to share an internet connection with two network cards (ethernet)? By xedricapacer · 14 years ago I have two computers, the first computer (PC1) have two network cards, the first network card. Share Your Internet Connection Between Two Windows PC. Internet Connection Sharing or (ICS) is another best way to share an internet connection between the devices. In this method, users need to connect two computers via a standard ethernet cable. Once done, head to the Control Panel > Network and Sharing Centre All the screenshots below are shown in Windows 10, but the fixes apply to Windows 7 & 8 as well. to fix Both DHCP is not enabled for wifi/Ethernet/Local Area connection problem. Change network adapter settings. The first thing you must check your network adapter settings, to confirm its configured correctly to Assign IP Address From the DHCP. The Connectify hotspot is opted and liked by millions of windows (7/8/10) users. It has earned its position in the market. With its software free to download and easy to access, you can convert your PC into WiFi hotspot. By doing so, you can share your internet with other PCs or mobile devices

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Now, to connect a virtual machine to the internet just select this external virtual switch as network adapter of the virtual machine. Let's test it on a Windows 10 Pro. Connect Hyper-v Machines to Internet in Windows 10. 5. Run a virtual machine then click File and click Settings then select Network Adapter from Virtual Machine Settings In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to share an internet connection using the mobile hotspot feature included in the OS.. How to use mobile hotspot on Windows 10. Windows 10.

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Check out these 4 Incredibly Easy Ways to Share Internet From Windows PC. 7 Best USB to Ethernet Adapters for Windows 10 Laptops Does your # Windows 10 laptop lack an ethernet port Need to share this connection over ethernet. The laptop I am using is connected to the internet over wi-fi. in Network and Sharing. This is a relatively new HP desktop with 1903 Windows 10. I just connected it to my switch (which has a couple others desktop pcs connected). They are getting around 150 Mbps

We need to set up an Internet connection to be able to access the Internet if we get a Windows PC. Many users are not very familiar with the network settings on Windows 10. However, this step cannot be missed and neglected if we want to access the Internet Here's how you can share your Internet connection from Windows to Linux. On Windows, Make sure internet sharing is enabled. Go to Control Panel, find the network connection, then right-click on the internet adapter and click Properties. Click Advanced. Right there click the radio button to enable Internet sharing. On Windows 7 In Windows 10 there are many apps keep on running in the background, and they share your internet bandwidth as well. That slows down your internet connection to a bit. So, the solution is to turn off those background apps and save the bandwidth to get a faster internet connection

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  1. Windows 10 x64 slow internet connection problem (Ethernet) in Network and Sharing Hello guys, I recently upgraded my Windows 10 32bit to 64bit and have noticed that my internet speed has dropped dramatically
  2. GUI Method via Network Manager (Ubuntu 9.10 and up) In order to share an Internet connection, the computer that will do the sharing must have two network cards or ports. This assumes that you are using at least one Ethernet port and that it is identified as eth0. eth0 will be the port that other computers will connect to you on
  3. Fix: Ethernet Unidentified Network on Windows 10 If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption
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setting the static DNS is critical, and adding the Windows 10 host, then the address of a real DNS server. This then allows you to directly plug the RPi into Ethernet and have internet available via Windows ICS Windows 10: Quickly reset an Ethernet (wired) network adapter to fix slow connection speeds, unidentified network error, device isn't connecting to the inter.. How to share internet connection from WiFi or PC Modem via LAN (Ethernet) can be done easily in Windows 7 and Windows 8. How to share internet connection can be done without additional software, or use a program from Windows called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) How to share a printer on the network, in Windows 10. In order to share the printer connected to your Windows 10 PC with the network, you must first open the Settings app.A quick way to do it is to click or tap on its button from the Start Menu

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Internet Sharing between Windows and Linux By stonebridge · 14 years ago I have Windows Vista and I'm connected to the internet through DSL but I will like to share my Internet with my son who is. Internet Connection Sharing on Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi. You can share your Windows laptops Wi-Fi connection with a Raspberry Pi over ethernet using Internet Connection Sharing. These are the steps Windows 10 share wifi over ethernet. Fortunately, you can easily share your Internet connection in Windows 10 and you can do it over a direct Ethernet connection or by turning the host PC into a hotspot. The client device doesn't even.. From the left side panel, click on Change adapter settings

Thanks for the reply, but my issue is to do with Windows 10 Internet Connection Sharing. As in I have no ethernet access or wifi access on my pc. I use the laptop's connection to access the internet Open the Connect to the Internet wizard. To set up a PPPoE connection in Windows 10, you must first open the Connect to the Internet wizard. Launch the Settings app (a quick way is to press the Win + I keys on your keyboard).. In the Settings window, open the Network & Internet section, go to Dial-up on the left side of the window, and click or tap on the Set up a new connection link. A large part of this post assumes you've read the earlier post on directly accessing the shell on Raspberry Pi through a Ethernet/LAN connection.In this post, we'll go about setting up the Raspberry Pi to access internet through the RasPi's Ethernet/LAN port from a Laptop/PC's shared WiFi connection I hope there is still someone who can answer me on this. When I try to share my internet from my mac, via an ethernet cable (making my mac a hotspot), I get this message up: Your Internet connection cannot be shared because it is protected by 802.1X. Choose a different network to share or disable Internet Sharing Hello All, I am trying to connect Jetson Nano to Internet by doing the following : I have my Windows 10 Laptop connected to Home network over Wifi. I have connected ethernet cable from my laptop to Jetson Nano. Then i did the necessary configuration in the windows . Then i did some configuration on jetson nano too but could not connect to internet . Does anybody knows how to do it. Help me.

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  1. Creating wifi hotspot on a computer when connected to a wifi network is an easy task, and Windows 10 has a dedicated feature called Mobile Hotspot. You can share a Lan/Ethernet/Wired network connection over WIFi. This way, you can connect other devices to the internet via creating a Hotspot from your computer and then connecting devices to it
  2. Assign a static IP to the ethernet interface, in my case eth1. sudo ifconfig eth1 netmask 255.255.255. up Just make sure that no other device on your network uses this ip
  3. istrator (99) Tips (319) Tutorials (200) Virtualization (29) Virtual Machine (16) Windows.
  4. If you're running Windows® 10 Version 1809 (RS5), you need to install Intel LAN software v23.5 or newer. Additional information for Intel® Ethernet Software release 23.5; Note: Intel® PROSet for Windows* Device Manager isn't supported on Windows® 10 Version 1809 (and later). Use Intel® PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility instead, which is.
  5. Network sharing allows users to share resources over a network.. In Windows 10, this comes feature comes as a native feature and can be easily accessed via the Control Panel.A typical network sharing environment consists of a wired or a wireless network, multiple devices, and supporting software. If configured properly, the devices and the files which are known as resources in a networked.
  6. g might differ on different versions of Windows, I'm using XP): Download and install PDAnet for your Android phone and on one of the Windows computers, referred to as Computer1
  7. I have a win10 pc, it connected to the internet through a wireless usb card with a ip of (, I also set ip( on its another ethernet interface card. Another PC ( runnin

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  1. Learn what Internet Connection Sharing is, the benefits of ICS, and how to share your connection with other computers in your network in Windows 7
  2. From the Internet connection source (typically a Wi-Fi or Ethernet), right-click the interface and select Properties. From the Sharing tab check the box labeled Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection and select the WiFi Pineapple network interface from the drop down menu
  3. Connect the ethernet cable from your computer to the WAN port of the router (or in any port if you're using an ethernet switch). This should be a different router or switch than the one from your ISP. Run Connectify Hotspot in Wired Router mode. (NOTE: The Wired Router mode is only available for Connectify Hotspot PRO and Connectify Hotspot MAX
  4. Windows 10 allows you to share an Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data using mobile hotspot, but your computer must have at least one wireless adapter to make it all work. To create a wireless. In Windows 10, some features of file and folder sharing over a network have changed, including the removal of HomeGroup
  5. if for example yuor broadband ip is 192.168..1. then pc1 would be 192.168..2. and pc2 would be 192.168..3. on the pc with two network cards, go into network connections, right click one of them.

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On the windows machine, do the following. Goto Network and sharing center → Ethernet → Properties → ipv4 Properties; Assign an ip in the same subnet as the ethernet interface of the lapto Once installed on your windows system, sign up with a hotspot name and password. You are free to get your internet connection from Ethernet, LAN, data card, or Wi-Fi. Make your PC a virtual Wi-Fi router and start sharing it with your friends. You can only share it with a limited number of devices, a maximum of 10 3.1. Select the folder you want to share and right click on it. Choose Share with and then select Specific people. 3.2. In the File Sharing window, select Everyone from the drop-down menu, click on the Add button next to it and then click on the Share button. 3.3. When you see Your folder is shared, click Done. 4

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If you are not running Win 10, you may have more issues. If that is the case my go-to would be to buy a chromecast off amazon ($30), set that up. Then download chrome browser to any computer, install the chromecast addon into chrome browser, and you are ready to go Press Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the list to open an elevated command prompt. Type in the following commands: ipconfig /release ipconfig /rene Locate and expand the Network connectivity in Standby setting. By default, this setting is hidden and you can make it shown with this trick. Click to select Enable for both On battery and Plugged in . Once saving the changes, your computer should stay connected to the network when in sleep mode Choose Network & Internet. Click on Ethernet → Change adapter options. Select Ethernet, click right mouse button and choose Properties. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then click Properties. Check Obtain an IP address automatically, check Obtain DNS server address automatically, and then click OK Faire un clic droit sur l'interface accueillant à la connexion internet à partager (en ce qui me concerne « Ethernet 3 »), cliquer sur « propriétés » puis l'onglet « partage » puis sur « Autoriser d'autres utilisateurs du réseau » puis sélectionner l'interface de l'appareil avec laquelle vous souhaitez partager votre connexion (En ce qui me concerne l'interface « Ethernet »

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For a fix for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) doesn't work after a reboot in Windows 10 which is still applicable for even more recent versions of Windows 10: To fix this issue, set the following registry subkey Windows 10 als Router mit Internet Connection Sharing Windows bietet mit Internet Connection Sharing eine simple Router-Funktion, die mindestens als Backup gute Dienste leistet In this article, I'll show you how to share your Internet connection from your Windows computer. Not that this only works well in certain scenarios. Your computer needs to have more than one network adapter, preferably an Ethernet port and a Wi-Fi card Firstly, share your PC internet connection with the local network made with Beaglebone, a process well explained above. And also setting up the IP address to be obtained automatically. Secondly, setting up the nameserver to the public DNS server address also explained above 1 Right click on Open Network and Sharing Center. 2 Click on Change Adapter settings. 3 Rigth click on VPN connection and select Properties. 4 From Shaing tab, select Allow Other Network users to connect through this computer's Interent connection and click OK on the Popup

Right Click on the Ethernet Connection and click on Properties 9. In the Pop Up window, browse to Sharing tab and Check Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet Connection. 10 6. Klicke Deine Verbindung freigeben von an und wähle deine Internet-Quelle. Wenn du mit deinem Modem über Ethernet verbunden bist, wähle es aus dem Menü aus. Wenn du mit einem USB-Hotspot verbunden bist, dann wähle stattdessen diesen aus. Klicke auf Start, um das Freigeben der Internetverbindung zu aktivieren

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Once done, head back to the Adapter Settings page and you should now see the Shared info message on the Wireless Network Connection; Now, right click 'Local Area Connection' → Properties and then select Internet Protocol Version 4 and then click the Properties Butto Click Change Adapter Settings in the left-hand panel and you should be presented with a list of network adapters: Identify the Wi-Fi adapter with the active internet connection that you would like to share, and the Ethernet adapter you would like to share the connection to

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Learn how to enable and configure internet connection sharing on Windows IoT Core. Skip to main content. Contents When using one of the Windows 10 IoT Core Release Image ICS can also be specifies the public and private interface. In any cases of misconfiguration, such as the Wi-Fi radio is turned off, or Ethernet has limited. Thanks for the reply, but my issue is to do with Windows 10 Internet Connection Sharing. As in I have no ethernet access or wifi access on my pc. I use the laptop's connection to access the internet. The laptop works well, but the pc does not. I'm not sure what is throttling the flow from the laptop I recently wanted to share my Android phone's internet connection to two Windows computers. After some doing, here is the solution (naming might differ on different versions of Windows, I'm using XP): Download and install PDAnet for your Android phone and on one of the Windows computers, referred to as Computer1 A wireless USB modem to connect internet; On Host Computer: After getting ready with the prerequisites, attach the modem with a host computer (the computer which you'll use to share the Internet) and connect with the internet using that device. Go to Control Panel from the start menu and click on Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center

If you're running Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update installed, then you're in luck. With that update, Windows now has a single switch for turning any PC with Wi-Fi into a hotspot, and it doesn't matter whether the Internet connection you want to share is wired or wireless Solution 2: Disable Energy Efficient Ethernet for your network adapter. Press the Windows Logo key + X to open the WinX Menu. Click on Device Manager in the WinX Menu to launch the Device Manager. In the Device Manager, double-click on the Network adapters section to expand it. Right-click on your computer's active network adapter and click. Share a VPN Connection in Windows 10 over Ethernet. 1. For this method to work your PC must usually be connected to the internet via WiFi. If you have two or more Ethernet PC ports on your PC, though, you can use the second port to connect to the internet instead. 2 First off, I couldn't create a bridge between Ethernet and my WiFi. So I am goin' to tell you how I got internet using Internet Connection Sharing and Crossover Cable.. In order to SSH to the RPi you need to set an IP address in your subnet in the RPi by editing the /boot/cmdline.txt file ; Share Internet in your windows Machine and take note of the Ethernet IP Before we move ahead, Windows 10 and macOS both offer to become a Wi-Fi hotspot, but there is no harm in knowing another useful way to share your PC's internet connection with Android devices

Here is a step by step procedure in which you can use your PC's internet connectivity on your Android smartphone. Step 1: First of all you need a USB male to micro USB male (as shown in above. Now I'll configure the network adapter named Ethernet to share its Internet connection with the one named Internal Virtual Switch. The public connection can get to the internet so after running this command, it's as if we have a windows box set up as a router. Works great for us! Reply. Peter March 30, 2019 (20:55 Ethernet cables link an internet supplying devices to other computers via Ethernet ports mostly found at the back of the PC's Central Processing Unit (CPU). They are different from the normal USB ports; wider. Read Also: How to view WiFi password on windows 10 Connect them to both the computers. Go to Network and Sharing Center through the Control Panel. Select Network Connection and right click Local Area Network connection and select Properties. Now select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties

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Share files over LAN on Windows 10 Sharing files is a very simple process but not everyone is tech-savvy enough to perform the process correctly. Here's an easy guide on how you can share files between 2 machines on a LAN if you have Windows 10 on your machine The main advantage of using the ethernet cable method is faster transfer speeds, at least faster than your regular flash drives and Wi-Fi. If you have a lot of data to transfer then using the ethernet cable is the best way to go. We have tested this on all mainstream Windows versions. i.e, on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Things You Nee

If your Ethernet switch and Ethernet adapter support EEE, turning it off on both the PC NIC and the Ethernet switch has shown to eliminate data errors and occasional device disconnects in some cases. In Windows, the EEE setting is associated with the network adapter hardware. Open Device Manager. Double-click Network adapters How To Share Your Windows Internet With Your Android Phone VIA USB Cable:- Wondering whether it's possible to browse through the Internet without WiFi or Mobile data? Yes, it is possible. If your PC has an Internet connection, you can share it with your Android device just by using a USB port and USB cable Want to share or transfer files from pc to pc? In case you don't have an internet connection, then a Pc to Pc file transfer software without internet can also help. This article is your guide to undergo the process i.e., transfer files from pc to pc There are many software's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux to share USB over ethernet or network. With these tools, it is very easy to access your USB devices from any corner in the world. The best part is you can literally share any USB devices including printers, scanner, webcams, mouse, keyword and what not If you're running Windows® 10 Version 1809 (RS5), you need to install Intel LAN software v23.5 or newer. Additional information for Intel® Ethernet Software release 23.5. Note. Intel® PROSet for Windows* Device Manager isn't supported on Windows® 10 Version 1809 (and later). Use Intel® PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility instead

Raspberry Pi SSH  by creating an SSH file in bootHow to Disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10 | Kenyayote10 Best Command Prompt(cmd) Tricks, Tips & Hacks For

One of my favorite Windows 10 features is the mobile hotspot. Older versions of Windows allowed you to share your internet from your desktop but enabling it was tedious since you had to run commands in the Command Prompt. On Windows 10, you literally only have to click a toggle to turn it on and you can connect up to 8 devices to your desktop Share Your Internet Connection with a Hosted Network on Windows 10. To make the hosted network accessible to other devices, you need to share the internet connection using the Internet Connection Sharing feature from a physical network adapter. Use the shortcut (Windows key+X) to open the power user menu and select Network Connections راهنمای Internet Connection Sharing در Windows 10. ابتدا از منوی Start ویندوز، Control Panel را انتخاب کنید. همچنین می‌توانید در قسمت Search the web and windows گزینه Control panel را تایپ کنید. اگر آیتم‌ها در حالت Large Icons نمایش داده. I swear I've tried every tutorial and googled EVERYTHING on the topic! I have my Raspberry Pi B with RetroPie v4.3 connected via ethernet to my Windows 10 laptop hoping that it will share the internet connection. My Windows network config is all set to DH.. [Windows 10 Tip] Use Network Reset Feature to Fix Common Internet Connection Issues - Many times we face Internet connection issues such as no connectivity, limited connection, unable to access network drives, unable to browse websites, etc. To

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